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Food, 2014-07-07

Agreeing frozen fish dates sparks hot debate (EN)

Consumers could be put off eating fish, if new EU rules governing the labelling dates of frozen fish are not better defined, the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) has warned.


Parasite project, 2014-07-02

Food TIP, an innovative portal for people related to food sector (EN)

The Food Tech Innovation Portal, Food TIP, is a Wikipedia-like portal that aims to foster the implementation of new technologies in the food sector, supporting food companies’ innovations and development processes, and therefore contributing to the transfer of technology in this field.

The portal, that can be freely accessed and edited by registered users, contains variety of information across all food areas, including processing, product development and food safety, structured in four main categories: technologies, profiles, infrastructure and innovation guide. This way, Food TIP is a clear, well-structured and easy to understand database, useful not only for staying updated with food sector innovations but also for finding suitable partners for new developments and collaborative projects.

READ MORE, 2014-06-28

Anisakis: do we combat it? (ES)

Although it may sound exotic (and we do like exotism!), anisakis is no more than an unpleasant parasite that lodges in the stomach of some fishes. It is terrible for human health, so continue reading to know about the effects it causes and, what is more interesting, to avoid them.


El, 2014-06-21

Seventy people affected by Anisakis in the Basque Country in the last two months (ES)

Seventy people have been diagnosed with anisakiasis in the last two months in the Basque Country, after consuming raw infected anchovies. About a third of them had to be hospitalized. 


Diario Vasco, 2014-06-19

The Basque Country Parliament requests a protocol on food risk communication (ES)

The Basque Country Government is urged to comply with the parliamentary mandate on food safety promulgated in October 2013.