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El, 2014-06-19

The Basque Country Parliament asks for 'a dissemination campaign' to boost fish consumption after the Anisakis alert (ES)

After the recent health alert for Anisakis in the Basque Country, the Regional Parliament has unanimously approved today the elaboration of a protocol on food risk communication and the onset of a dissemination campaign to boost fish consumption.


Ciencia y, 2014-06-18

Anisakis: effects on human health and how to prevent them (ES)

Anisakis is a parasitic nematode that can infect humans if raw or undercooked contaminated seafood is consumed. Prevention is the best way to avoid health problems caused by Anisakis. The most effective ways to kill the parasite and safely eat fish are summarized in this article.

READ MORE, 2014-06-13

Anchovy campaign ends with a bittersweet taste (ES)

Anchovy campaign ends with a bittersweet taste because, although it has been "excellent" regarding catches, fresh consumption has declined. It has been mainly due to the presence of anisakis. Fortunately, this decrease has been compensated by the higher amounts destined to canning industry. 


EFE Agro, 2014-06-09

Fish consumption increases in 2014 in Spain (ES)

Spanish fishmongers have noticed an increase in fish consumption and sales in 2014, for the first time since the beginning of the crisis. However, according to the canning industry this increase is not so relevant and better data are to come.


ADESPESCA, 2014-06-05

ADEPESCA launches "Comepescado" in facebook (ES)

ADEPESCA, the Asociation of Fish Retailers and Frozen Products of Madrid, has launched "Comepescado" in Facebook. The platform is aimed at spreading the benefits and advantages of fish consumption among consumers.