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HACCPEuropa - food safety news quality manuals, 2013-10-16

New System in Salmonella Detection Faster than Conventional Methods (EN)

A new device for detecting salmonella and other food pathogens within six hours or less has been developed by researchers from the Purdue University. The machine, called a continuous cell concentration device, concentrates foodborne pathogens faster than conventional methods by using hollow thread-like fibers that filter out the cells, representing a potential new tool for speedier detection. It makes it possible to routinely analyze food or water samples to screen for pathogens within a single work shift at food processing plants.


EFSA, 2013-10-15

EFSA confronts the tricky questions of transparency (EN)

EFSA’s stakeholder conference on transparency made one thing clear: there are no simple answers to questions about openness. The meeting – attended by senior EFSA staff, scientists, industry representatives, non-governmental organisations, international lawyers, and other stakeholders – debated a range of themes and questions, such as: does openness mean publishing all data? How should uncertainty be reflected in EFSA’s conclusions? And should more of EFSA’s scientific meetings be open to observers? Get a taste of the discussion by reading our report of the day’s main talking points...


EC - Joint Research Centre, 2013-10-02

GBIO - new platform for using latest ICT to share knowledge on biodiversity worldwide (EN)

A JRC co-authored report outlining a framework for better understanding of the world's biodiversity was released today. The Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook (GBIO) report, compiled by 17 international contributing authors, describes a framework for using the latest communication technologies to share information on biodiversity on a global scale.


EFSA Event, 2013-09-05

EFSA Stakeholder conference - Transparency in Risk Assessment (EN)

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is holding a conference on Transparency in Risk Assessment on 3 October 2013 in Parma, Italy, from 09:00 to 16:15.

The conference is part of an initiative EFSA launched in January 2013, designed to facilitate public access to data used by the Authority in risk assessments and to enhance transparency in its scientific decision-making processes.


Journal of Food Engineering, 2013-09-03

Foodstuff authentication from spectral data: Toward a species-independent discrimination between fresh and frozen–thawed fish samples (EN)

Italian Scientists from the University of Padova have proposed three different strategies based on latent variable modeling techniques in order to develop a multi-species classifier of the fresh/frozen–thawed status of fish samples using near-infrared spectra.