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Risk assessment with integrated tools in EU fish production value chains
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Scientific news about the fishing sector, fish and their parasites

Europa Press, 2013-02-06

CETMAR participates in a project for mitigating the impact of parasites affecting fish products (ES)

The PARASITE project is co-funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme and led by Dr. Santiago Pascual, tenured scientist of the Marine Research Institute (CSIC)...




Plataforma en defensa do sector pesqueiro de Galicia, 2013-02-06

The main results of the PARASITE project will materialise in progressing towards the improvement in food safety (GL)

Mitigating the impact of fish borne parasites in European and imported fish products by implementing new technology solutions and management tools is the objective of the PARASITE project, which is co-funded by the European Commission within the 7th Framework Programme