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Faro de Vigo , 2015-04-13

More than 600 people have participated in the PARASITE survey (ES)

PARASITE project involves 21 partners and is coordinated by the Institute of Marine Research from Vigo (IIM-CSiC). The aim of the survey is to gain information about people's knowledge on anisakis, a fish parasite that may cause allergy. The survey is carried out in four countries (Spain, Croatia, Denmark and United Kingdom). By now, more than 600 people from Spain have already participated.


VG Forbrucker, 2015-04-02

Parasited fish lasts longer (NO)

Cecilie Smith Svanevik has recently defended her PhD in the Univesity of Bergen. According to her findings, the shelf life of fishery products made from fish parasited with Anisakis is longer.


PARASITE project, 2015-03-18

Cecilie Smith Svanevik defended yesterday her PhD (EN)

Cecilie Smith Svanevik, student at NIFES, has successfully defended her PhD-thesis on 17th March 2015, under the supervision of Dr. Arne Levsen. Dr. Smith Svanevik main research field concerns the bacterial biota of pelagic fish species with focus on quality reducing parameters during capture and processing.

Her thesis includes several studies very relevant for PARASITE project, dealing with the effect of the parasitic Anisakis larvae within fish fillets of blue whiting. Particularly, her latest study examined how the bacteria associated with these larvae affects the shelf life of minced fish products. This article is available under the Scientific Publications section.



READ MORE, 2015-03-09

Galician SME develops an Anisakis detector (ES)

Marexi, a SME from Vigo (Galicia), has developed a device that detects immediately the number of anisakis contained in a fish fillet. This SME has also a patent of a new device that removes parasites from fish offals, what prevent them from completing their life cycle after being sent to the sea.

READ MORE Medicina33, 2015-01-07

Dr. Simonetta Mattiucci interviewed in the Italian TV (IT)

Last 7th January 2015, Dr. Simonetta Mattiucci was interviewed in a medicine specialized channel of the national TV (00:00-04:23). There, she explained the risks related to the consumption of raw or under-cooked fish, due to the presence of Anisakis, and the ways to avoid such risk.