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Scientific news about the fishing sector, fish and their parasites, 2014-06-12

Allergenic capacity of different Anisakis species is characterized (ES)

In in recent studio carried out by researchers from the National Spanish Research Council (CSIC), have established the allergenic capacity of different Anisakis species. This work, published in Proteomics, will allow to get a better understanding of the epidemiology of these parasites. 

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Anisakis: the relation between allergenic proteins and species has been determined (ES)

The allergenic capacity varies upon the species and their biological hybrids. 

Anisakis infection has become an increasing health problem all around the world, since in 1960 the first case of anisakiasis was detected. Researchers from the Spanish National Research Council have characterized the allergenic capacity of Anisakis simplex sensu lato, a parasitic complex comprised by three different species: A. simplex sensu estricto, A. pegreffi and A. simplex C. Although there are about ten more species belonging to the genus, this complex is the main cause of parasitism and infection in humans.


Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, 2014-06-12

Researchers from the National Museum of Natural Sciences contribute to the improvement of Anisakis diagnosis (ES)

This study is the first step for the development of new and more accurate diagnostic methods. Researchers from the National Museum of Natural Sciences and the National Biotechnological Centre, both belonging to the Spanish National Research Council, and the Hospital Carlos III from Madrid, have determined the presence of allergenic proteins in different Anisakis species. In particular, they have characterized the allergenic capacity of the complex Anisakis simplex sensu lato, comprised by the species Anisakis simplex, A. pegreffi and A. simplex C, the more relevant from a clinic point of view.


PARASITE website, 2014-04-04

PARASITE eSeminar recording available (ES)

If you were not able to attend the eSeminar about the project organized last week by CommNet, you can watch the recording by clicking in the link below.



PARASITE website, 2014-03-10

PARASITE project presented in SapiExpo 2014 (EN)

The PARASITE project was presented in SapiExpo 2014 event, organized last 27th February by Universitá di Roma Sapienza. This event was aimed at promoting University's participation in Expo 2015, to be held in Milan next year.

Prof. Simonetta Mattiucci made an oral presentation about the project, which can be downloaded here. Moreover, project objectives and tasks were also summarized in a poster: