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La Opinión, 2013-09-17

Galicia hosts the first biobank for fish borne parasites (ES)

This infrastructure aims to gather, store and distribute marine parasite samples and associated biomolecules, such as Anisakis...


Radio Exterior de España, 2013-09-17

First biobank for marine samples (ES)

Ángel González explains the biobank tool for the audience of Radio Exterior de España 


Radio Televisión Española (RTVE1), 2013-09-17

PARASITE biobank launching in the News (ES)

Lauching of PARASITE biobank in three different programms and channels of the Spanish Television. It has been also shared through the radio, in the program "Españoles en la mar" ("Spaniards on the sea"). You can see the videos hereunder and listen to the program in the link below.



READ MORE, 2013-09-16

Vigo starts bio-bank to store commercial fisheries marine parasite samples (EN)

The Marine Research Institute from Vigo, Spain has launched the first world bio-bank which collects, stores and will distribute samples of marine parasites and associated bio-molecules such as the anisakis, in the framework of the EU ‘Parasite’ project to assess their sanitary and commercial impact on the food chain and validation of tools to mitigate effects.

READ MORE, 2013-09-16

It is launched today in Vigo the first biobank of marine parasites

Today it starts working in Vigo the first biobank of marine parasite samples.