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Risk assessment with integrated tools in EU fish production value chains
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Scientific news about the fishing sector, fish and their parasites

La Voz de Galicia, 2013-09-16

Arranca en Vigo el primer biobanco marino del mundo-The first marine biobank is launched in Vigo (ES)

The Parasite Project launches in Vigo the first marine biobank, which will permit to analyze data on parasites in commercial species to mitigate their impact.


Industrias Pesqueras, 2013-09-13

PARASITE project will be presented at ForoAcui (ES)

The Parasite project will be presented in the Galician Marine Resources and Aquaculture Forum (ForoAcui), to be held on 10th and 11th October in O Grove (Galicia, Spain).

Santi Pascual, project coordinator, and Rosa Fernández, in charge of dissemination activities, will show how the project is, from a holistic perspective, aimed at addressing problems related to the presence of parasites in fishery products, with special emphasis on those which pose a risk for the industry and consumers.


EFSA Event, 2013-09-05

EFSA Stakeholder conference - Transparency in Risk Assessment (EN)

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is holding a conference on Transparency in Risk Assessment on 3 October 2013 in Parma, Italy, from 09:00 to 16:15.

The conference is part of an initiative EFSA launched in January 2013, designed to facilitate public access to data used by the Authority in risk assessments and to enhance transparency in its scientific decision-making processes.


Journal of Food Engineering, 2013-09-03

Foodstuff authentication from spectral data: Toward a species-independent discrimination between fresh and frozen–thawed fish samples (EN)

Italian Scientists from the University of Padova have proposed three different strategies based on latent variable modeling techniques in order to develop a multi-species classifier of the fresh/frozen–thawed status of fish samples using near-infrared spectra.

READ MORE, 2013-09-03

PhD studentship on "Integrating fisheries biology, economics and risk assessment to tackle the problem of parasites in the fish supply chain" (EN)

An opportunity has arisen for a multidisciplinary PhD studentship within the framework of the EU PARASITE project (WP8). The PhD proposal is configured as a collaboration between Aberdeen University and MSS, and the work will involve:

  • Pre-assessment (understanding the framing and selection rules employed to study this particular risk).
  • Providing support for identification of parasites in fish obtained from around the UK. This will lead to statistical models of parasite burdens in fish and potential exposure to consumers.
  • Development of a spread-sheet based quantitative risk assessment utilising data from both questionnaires and fisheries surveys.
  • Determining by questionnaire both the concerns and tolerability of the risk.
  • Utilise information obtained from other partners in the project on the efficacy, practicality and cost of interventions.
  • Prepare and analyse a questionnaire on the “willingness to pay” for reduction of the risk

The student will be required to liaise with European partners as appropriate, be keen to develop skills in a number of different areas and be willing to work with a range of scientific disciplines, the public and industry.

Deadline for applications: 06 September 2013