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El, 2015-04-06

Little Monsters (ES)

Captain Nemo had to fight with many monsters from the depths. They were so fierce that the famous captain jumped from the fantastic pages of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea to become one of the protagonists of an action movie. This mysterious, fighter and adventurer man had to face great enemies aboard the submarine Nautilus.

The big monsters, those that fill the entire screen and whose bloodshot eyes can cause nightmares, are easy to see. Huge beings that wield enormous and sharp claws and throw fire through their mouth. But there are other small, difficult-to-see monsters, which can cause more damage than those of the commander, especially because they are real. I am talking about anisakis.


VG Forbrucker, 2015-04-02

Parasited fish lasts longer (NO)

Cecilie Smith Svanevik has recently defended her PhD in the Univesity of Bergen. According to her findings, the shelf life of fishery products made from fish parasited with Anisakis is longer.

READ MORE, 2015-03-26

My incomprehensible and chance allergy to fish (ES)

Something like this may think those that occasionally feel bad when eating fish. Probably, they have decided to exclude it from their diet, fearful and uncertain about the real reasons that trigger such an allergic reaction. There are many questions to be raised about the origin of the problem or whether the different culinary treatments or conservation methods can minimize the risk of exposure to the allergen.

Fish is one of the few foods that can cause so many allergies of different origin but with similar symptoms. This makes diagnosis very difficult and, therefore, such cases should be irretrievably drifted to a specialist.

READ MORE, 2015-03-19

Anisakis, a parasite in your fish, shellfish and sushi (ES)

Anisakis is a parasite that may be present in your raw fish and shellfish. "Boquerones en vinagre" (anchovies in vinegar), sushi or ceviche are gastronomic delicacies that may host an undesirable guest: anisakis. You should know how to "fight" this parasite and the risks it supposes for your health


PARASITE project, 2015-03-18

Cecilie Smith Svanevik defended yesterday her PhD (EN)

Cecilie Smith Svanevik, student at NIFES, has successfully defended her PhD-thesis on 17th March 2015, under the supervision of Dr. Arne Levsen. Dr. Smith Svanevik main research field concerns the bacterial biota of pelagic fish species with focus on quality reducing parameters during capture and processing.

Her thesis includes several studies very relevant for PARASITE project, dealing with the effect of the parasitic Anisakis larvae within fish fillets of blue whiting. Particularly, her latest study examined how the bacteria associated with these larvae affects the shelf life of minced fish products. This article is available under the Scientific Publications section.