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Scientific news about the fishing sector, fish and their parasites

Gazzetta di Mantova, 2015-01-23

Infected fish with worms: a five thousand euro fine (IT)

The parasites were found during a check of the NAS. The judgment must be published on the website of the Ministry of Justice in the following days.

The parasites, nestled in the fresh fish, were discovered by the NAS of Cremona during an inspection carried out at the supermarket Tosano Curtatone. They were Anisakis simplex, which can cause acute manifestations such as urticaria but also anaphylactic and severe dermatitis. The inspection, which led to the seizure of five pounds of monkfish and eight pounds of cod, took place on August 31st five years ago.

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Dr. Simonetta Mattiucci interviewed in the Italian TV (IT)

Last 7th January 2015, Dr. Simonetta Mattiucci was interviewed in a medicine specialized channel of the national TV (00:00-04:23). There, she explained the risks related to the consumption of raw or under-cooked fish, due to the presence of Anisakis, and the ways to avoid such risk.

READ MORE, 2014-12-31

No Anisakis in the marketplace (ES)

Inspection authorities reinforce their work during Christmas to guarantee fish and seafood safety. Fresh hakes, mainly those from North Atlantic, have to be very well washed in order to avoid the presence of worms and guarantee the absence of Anisakis. 


ICES, 2014-12-05

COFASP publishes a report on "Future research priorities for fisheries, aquaculture and seafood processing" (EN)

The study was implemented by the European Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Organisation (EFARO) as part of COFASP -  Cooperation in Fisheries, Aquaculture and Seafood Processing, an ERA-NET project addressing actions envisaged within the sectors of fisheries, aquaculture, and seafood. 

The aim of the foresight study was to develop an agenda that defined the research required in the medium term (15 years) in order to enable sustainable exploitation, farming, and retailing of aquatic resources.


European Commission-Fisheries, 2014-12-04

A pocket guide to the EU's new fish and aquaculture consumer labels (EN)

From 13 December 2014, the rules for labels accompanying all fishery and aquaculture products for EU consumers will change. This pocket guide explains what must appear on the new labels and what additional information can be displayed.